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Company Profile

Founded in 2009, Jiaxing Softer Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a technology-based high-tech enterprise. It takes human health as its mission and development motivation, and focuses on the manufacture of medical devices and drug research and development and production. Development direction of the enterprise. At present, the company is cooperating with Shanghai Family Planning Research Institute and World Health Organization Reproductive Research Center China Fertility Regulation Drug Toxicology Testing Center to research and produce biomedical materials for products for reproductive health and treatment of body diseases. It involves materials, Many disciplines including medicine, physics, biochemistry and modern high technology. In addition, the world-class GMP production facilities and quality control system that we have effectively ensure that our products meet the world's advanced pharmaceutical quality standards. Poor, biomedical engineering is a key direction for future development. At present, the company's self-developed "Quick Special" chitosan antibacterial film-a nanometer-scale active iodine wound repair material has applied for a national invention patent, and the "Shifute" reproductive health product researched and developed at the same time has also applied for a national invention patent. The products that have obtained the National High-tech Research 863 Program have been rapidly integrated and listed. The market prospects are promising and existing potential customers are very satisfied.

In recent years, the company has invested tens of millions of yuan for the development of subsequent products. It has used derivative products such as "shell iodine" and "shell selenium" for medical clinical research, research and development of early diagnosis of reproductive system tumors, and AIDS prevention. , Early fetal malformation diagnosis and other products have been declared. At the same time, Shufute Biotechnology Company is also an active advocate of the creation of Jiaxing City Reproductive Health Industry City (Pharmaceutical Valley).


  • Company Mission

    Provide customers with quality products and satisfactory service

  • Company Spirit

    Hard Work

    Passionate Cooperation

    Sharp and Aggressive

  • Company philosophy

    Technology leader

    Customer First

  • Company purpose

    Gather first-class talents and use advanced scientific and technological means to provide customers with mature products and services

  • Company Goals

    People-oriented, learn from the world's first-class enterprises; make international first-class products; build China's first-class brand

  • Service Philosophy

    Sincerely provide customers with quality services, treat them as a customer

Company Team

The company now has a young, capable and energetic production and sales team, with 2 national scientific researchers (doctors) and 15 scientific research teams, and cooperates with many domestic and foreign medical research institutions to master the latest and most mature The medical biological development technology has the ability to research and develop new products. The company also has a group of senior project management personnel. During the development of multiple products, it has accumulated rich industry experience and business knowledge to ensure the successful implementation of each project.
Company Team